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Morning Glory

Thank you very much for visiting my site. I appreciate your interest and am humbled by it.

I think it’s safe to say that photography is my passion, but it’s a passion I came to quite recently. I only started taking photos “seriously” in late 2008. My wife bought me my first real DSLR to take to our destination wedding and our honeymoon in late 2008. And I was hooked from the start. Lucky for me, Thomas Hayes, an actual professional photographer -- and great friend -- has coached, mentored and guided me over the last six years. You MUST visit his site

All that said, I had an appreciation for the craft long before my wedding. My father had the bug for it, too, and long before the digital age. My first real mentor, he built a darkroom by hand in a corner of the basement of our house where he shot, developed, enlarged, printed and dried photographs in there by hand. It was his mancave — his fortress of solitude. And as a child, there was nothing cooler than going into the darkroom, the counter at eye level & lit only by a faint red glow and watching my father carefully dipping an undeveloped photo in that plastic ortho-bath basin until an image magically appeared on the sheet of Kodak paper.

So thank you Stefani, Tom Hayes and Daddy.  A special mention to my friend DM, thanks for helping me cut out the BM.

Today I shoot with a Sony A6000 and a Leica D-Lux 6.  On occasion I pull out the wedding camera – A Canon Rebel Xsi. And like you, a smartphone & various apps...

This photo is of my wonderful family - my daughter Sage, my son Lennox, and my wife Stefani. We live in the West Village, NYC & Woodstock, NY.